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TORUS Offers The Best Phonics Courses For Primary School Students

TORUS cares about the basics of your children, for which we offer our Phonics Courses for kids. This course is specifically crafted to give children a simple and accessible introduction to all the English alphabets related to sound and phonics.

Learning Made Easy and Fun!

The outline of this course is effortless to follow through learning practice with videos. In this course, the student could experience the basic alphabetical knowledge of phonics skills. It is the most effective way of teaching young children to read. Our expert Montessori directress and teachers offer outstanding support with the sound and letter with blending of alphabets and fun ways to learn correctly. This online coursework offers kids flexibility and convenience; children can learn quickly and alter their study time relative to their schedule. Students can learn basic sounds and letters with blending through TORUS Phonic Courses for primary school students. The children who learn good phonics will learn the skills to tackle new words. According to research, children learn pronunciation in a structured way, starting with the most effortless sounds, and that gets them to progress through to the most complex sounds with the help of different cartoons.

Why Choose TORUS?

  • We help your kids to practice their sounds and letters perfectly with blending techniques.
  • We help your children learn the sounds and letters in a fun way with the help of cartoon characters of floppy phonics.
  • After this course, your kids can read words and sentences in pronunciation.
  • TORUS offers this course so your children can describe a picture in over five sentences.
  • We teach children in an interactive, fun way to make them stay active and interested.
  • Your children can read any text fluently and confidently and read for enjoyment.
  • Teachers and parents can benefit from this course at TORUS, along with children.
  • Who is Eligible?

  • This course will be helpful for Montessori kids to learn.
  • This course will be beneficial for Montessori Teachers for teaching.
  • Join TORUS!

    We provide this course worldwide. If you’re in Saudia Arabia, you can enroll your kid in our Primary Phonics courses online in Saudi Arabia. Register to join your kids in this fun and interactive phonics course.