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  • Numerical Analysis-II Muhammad Usman Visit instructor profile
    The course has been designed to teach the students about numerical methods and their theoretical bases. It provides necessary background needed for numerical computing in various mathematical and engineering disciplines. The students are expected to know computer programming to be able to write programs for the solution of Mathematical problems. It is a pre-requisite for many engineering courses. Knowledge of Calculus and linear algebra would help in learning these methods.
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TORUS Invites You To Excel In Numerical Analysis-II

Students can fix their numerical study-related issues online through TORUS Numerical Analysis II Courses. The outline of these courses gives a realistic interactive learning practice in which the student can experience all the fundamental knowledge for their numerical analysis skills. Being a prerequisite for multiple engineering degrees or courses, numerical analysis II gives out learning opportunities for various mathematical and engineering domains, which emphasizes the importance of this subject. Acknowledging this, our expert teachers offer outstanding support with the theoretical and practical implementation of numerical analysis so that you can excel in the subject. This online coursework offers students flexibility and convenience, allowing them to work at their own speed and alter their study time relative to their schedule. Register at our academy online to learn Numerical Analysis II online.

Why Choose TORUS?

  • We put forward the basic need for knowledge and the practical application of numerical analysis studies.
  • We provide specially designed courses created and guided by our expert mathematical instructors. Our teachers help you solve different problems, answer your questions, give feedback, and offer support to students they need.
  • Our courses offer accessible and cooperative content, including multimedia resources, interactive modules, and case studies.
  • At TORUS, we appreciate that all students have different learning preferences and needs, for which we have applied personalized learning elements to these Numerical Analysis II courses online.
  • Our course outline focuses on several numerical basics, giving undergraduates a detailed understanding of all the mathematical techniques, formulas, and methods.
  • At TORUS, we enable the student to identify the steps required to research a topic in Numerical Analysis.
  • By the end of the course, you will be able to identify and apply suitable theories, principles, and concepts relevant to Numerical Analysis, critically assess and estimate the literature within the field of Numerical Analysis, and examine and interpret information from various sources.
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