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  • Web Designing Front End Khawaja Ammad Badar Visit instructor profile
    Web designing and development is a fast growing field all over the world More technologies are introduced rapidly and we need to keep ourselves up-to-date to compete with others in the market, so i offer you guaranteed expert level training in the field of website designing and development. You will become a professional web designer and web developer in the given duration.
    29 Sub Topics 00:00:00 Hours English Intermediate

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Learn Web Design & Development

Web Design & Development Courses

Kickstart Your Web Developer Career

It is time to enhance your web development skills by taking our web designing course. This course will give you a chance to build on your core skills and give a major upgrade to your resume. Our instructors will make sure you understand everything from the basics of HTML to applied coding. This way when you work on a project with a client, you will be confident in your skills and provide solutions that directly reflect your knowledge in the field.

So, take charge of your career and professional development and take a website development course at Torus Academy. You will gain the required skills to be a web developer and will be able to offer your exceptional services in the market.

All That You’ll Learn In Web Development!

We have a team of qualified instructors who are certified and experienced developers. Hence, you can expect our web development course to teach you all the fundamentals, be it theoretical or practical. You will learn how to build the base of a website with the assistance of HTML, style it with CSS, and then finally, make it interactive by utilizing JavaScript. We will further teach you both front-end and back-end development so that you are aware of how to make the ideal website for the users.

Our instructors will further provide you with study material so that you can practice and apply your knowledge during your free time. In the duration of the course, you will be asked to give quizzes so that your instructor can test the development skills you have learned and see where you may be lagging. This will allow them to focus more on your weak areas and help you work on perfecting them.

Get In Touch With Us!

If you want to advance your skills by taking a web development course online, all you have to do is give us a call. We will align you with a competent instructor who will provide you with theoretical and practical knowledge of web design. Our study model covers every base in order to ensure you understand all the concepts and excel in the course.

Just get in touch with us now and start your journey toward a better career. You will receive certification upon the completion of the course that will help you get various projects and even web development job offers.