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Discover Comprehensive O-Level Accounting Courses Online

O-Level accounting is a stepping stone to a whole world of accounting and finance, which is all the more reason why you need an online O-level accounting tutor. Hiring a tutor ensures that your fundamentals are crystal clear before you move on to relatively complex topics. Accounting tends to build on concepts, so if you miss something somewhere along the line, you're likely to struggle elsewhere as well. See how Torus Academy can help below!

Comprehensive Lessons

Torus Academy brings you the best, most extensive lessons so that you can not only learn key concepts but also ace your exam. Our O-level accounting courses online are carefully curated, keeping in mind student needs. We incorporate all the topics in the syllabus and have added Q&A sessions so that students get the chance to clear out struggles they're facing as they move ahead with the course.

Highly Qualified Tutors

Passionate teachers create passionate students. Not only are our tutors highly qualified, but they're also passionate about what they teach. O-level accounting is taught in a manner that is engaging and at a decent pace.

Our tutors work day in and day out and are extremely dedicated to providing the best learning experience so you can ace your O-level accounting exam.

Learning Objectives

  • Recognize the function of accounting in supplying a system of information for tracking progress and making decisions.
  • Gain knowledge of accounting concepts, guiding principles, practices, and jargon.
  • Develop your abilities to prepare and understand accounting data.
  • Gain knowledge and awareness of the objectives and operations of trading and non-trading organizations, as well as the consequences of accounting and the proper accounting techniques and procedures for each.
  • Develop your reading, communication, numeracy, inquiry, presenting, and interpretation abilities.
  • Encourage the development of attitudes that value precision, organization, logical thought, and adherence to professional ethics.
  • Laying a strong foundation of fundamental concepts

O-level accounting is a great course to opt for if you’re struggling with accounting and want to improve your grade. Our tutors at Torus Academy provide efficient and effective lessons to ensure high retention and perfect performance on exam day.