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What will i learn?
  • At the end of the course It will secure you with the knowledge and confidence to attempt problems from geometry, algebra, trigonometry and calculus.

Curriculum for this course
11 Topics 01:23:02 Hours
Coordinate geometry
4 Sub Topics
  • Mid point formula
  • Distance Formula
  • gradient & Its Properties
  • Equation Of Lines
Equation Of Circle
1 Sub Topics
  • Intro of Equation of Circle with Proof and Solution of Problems
Binomial Theorem
2 Sub Topics
  • Intro Of Binomial Theorem
  • Finding Coefficient of variable in the expansion
2 Sub Topics
  • A.P with Discussion Of Problems
  • Geometric Progression
5 Sub Topics
  • Completing Square Method
  • Quadratic Inequality
  • Nature of Roots
  • Simultaneous Equations
  • Complex Quadratic Equations
3 Sub Topics
  • Intro of Function
  • Composite Function
  • Inverse of a Function
6 Sub Topics 01:23:02 Hours
  • Basic Trigonometry
  • Basic of Trigonometry
  • Sketching Of Trigonometrical Graphs
  • Trigonometrical Identities
  • Solution of Trigonometrical Equations
  • Basic Trigonometry 01:23:02
Circular measure
1 Sub Topics
  • Arc Length, Area of Sector
5 Sub Topics
  • Intro
  • Differentiation
  • Stationary Points
  • Equation of Tangent and Normal Lines
  • Rate of Change
Further differentiation
0 Sub Topics
3 Sub Topics
  • Integration
  • Area Under the Curve
  • Volume of Revolution
Title Lectures Price
Inquiry Based Session-1 lesson 1 25$
Regular Package/ 4 lesson 4 100$
Standard Package/8 Lesson 8 170$
Premium Package/12 12 240$
Fast Track/16 Lesson 16 300$
  • O Level
  • Matric
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Cracking the Complexity of CAIE Maths Pure Mathematics P1 9709

Have you ever asked yourself why so many students find the CAIE Maths Pure Mathematics 1 course challenging? The answer lies in the course's intricate nature. This A-level course demands a deep understanding of mathematical principles and the ability to apply them creatively. But fret not; the rewards for mastering this subject are bountiful.

Complexity of CAIE Maths Pure Mathematics P1 9709

CAIE Maths Pure Mathematics P1 9709 is known for its inherent complexity. This subject goes beyond mere calculations and formulaic solutions. It challenges students to comprehend intricate mathematical concepts deeply. The complexity arises from the need to grasp abstract theories and apply them in problem-solving contexts. It's not just about knowing what to do but understanding why and how to do it. This level of understanding demands time, dedication, and the guidance of expert instructors.

Why You Should Take Classes

Enrolling in classes offers a structured learning environment. It ensures you cover all required topics systematically, leaving no gaps in your understanding. This organized approach is essential for mastering this challenging subject effectively.

Why Choose TORUS for Your CAIE Maths A-level Pure Mathematics 1 course in Saudi Arabia?

When it comes to preparing for CAIE Maths Pure Math P1 9709 in Saudi Arabia, TORUS is the ultimate choice. Here's why:

Expert Educators: TORUS boasts a team of seasoned instructors who are experts in CAIE Maths A-level Pure Mathematics courses, providing you with top-notch guidance.

Comprehensive Curriculum: Our curriculum covers every facet of CAIE Maths Pure Mathematics P1 9709, ensuring you are thoroughly prepared for the examinations.

Interactive Learning: Engage in interactive lessons, practical problem-solving sessions, and real-world applications that make complex mathematical concepts easier to grasp.

Flexibility: TORUS offers flexible study options, allowing you to balance your CAIE Maths Pure Mathematics P1 9709 preparation with other commitments.

Supportive Community: Join a community of dedicated students and educators who create a nurturing and motivating learning environment.

Choose TORUS for CAIE Maths Pure Mathematics P1 9709 in Saudi Arabia. Let's conquer pure mathematics together!

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Hi, my name is Raja Nadeem Amin. I have the teaching experience of almost twenty three years in the domain of assisting Mathematics to O’ Levels (IGCSE, GCSE & Edexcel), Add Mathematics (GCSE & Edexcel), Pure Mathematics, Mechanics, Statistics to A Levels and teaching Mathematics. I will not only help you with your examinations but also with any mathematical works, presentations, queries in the friendliest way. I will be teaching you in a very flexible way, with computer animations of mathematical concepts. If you don’t know the basics of the subject, or want to improve your mathematical skills, I am excited to help achieve your goals. In the first lesson we will briefly discuss your goals and I’ll plan the easiest way for you at your own learning pace. I am very excited and looking forward for your first lesson booking!

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  • Tue, 28-Sep-2021
    Best one
  • Thu, 07-Apr-2022
    wasim hassan
  • Fri, 08-Apr-2022
    anita Nadeem
    excellent lesson by sir nadeem. amazing
  • Sat, 11-Mar-2023
    arslan aslam
    A teacher who is enthusiastic about math can inspire students to pursue the subject
  • Mon, 13-Mar-2023
    Daim Faraz
    I took the online classes course. I got the best teachers who are very helpful nd are encouraging. The classes are of immense importance.
  • Fri, 17-Mar-2023
    Hira Khan
    You are an outstanding math teacher who possesses a wealth of knowledge in the subject and has a remarkable ability to simplify even the most complex mathematical concepts. Your teaching techniques and strategies are incredibly helpful, and your use of gadgets and animations in the classroom is truly impressive. Your passion for the subject shines through in your teaching, making it engaging and enjoyable for your students. Thank you for being an exceptional teacher and for making a difference in the lives of your students.
  • Mon, 27-Mar-2023
    kamran Ashraf
    Highly recommend! best academy, Experienced and highly qualified teacher's are hired and they are very comparative. I am strongly recommending to join because i am Satisfied from the Torus academy. They give their best to achieve students goals.
  • Mon, 15-Jan-2024
    Tooba Ali
    I am taking classes of Pure Math P1 form Sir Nadeem and he is a very versatile teacher.
  • Mon, 15-Jan-2024
    Saif Ahmed
    Pure Math P1 was very difficult subject but now I am able to solve it.
  • Mon, 15-Jan-2024
    Kulsoom Khaliq
    I took classes of Pure math P1 from torus academy very nice and qualified teachers they have.
  • Mon, 15-Jan-2024
    Hamza Ahmed
    pure math , they are excel to guide me through intricate problem solving techniques
  • Mon, 15-Jan-2024
    Abdul Hadi
    you are having very understandable mathematical of Pure math P1
  • Tue, 16-Jan-2024
    Ayan Amir
    Thanks for giving me confidence that Pure math is not that much difficult which i thought
  • Tue, 16-Jan-2024
    Muhammad Ibrahim Aamir
    I will take the A grade in Pure Math if I follow your guideline
  • Tue, 16-Jan-2024
    Ibrahim Arif
    Sir you know the art of turning such problem into experiments for Pure Math subject
  • Tue, 16-Jan-2024
    Alyaan Dar
    Now I start believing in myself that Pure math is also doable
  • Tue, 16-Jan-2024
    Shaheer Abbasi
    I get a confidence to tackle challenging pure math under your supervision
  • Tue, 16-Jan-2024
    Mohid Bin Awais
    It seems to be impossible for me i think with your help i will be able to overcome this Pure math
  • Tue, 16-Jan-2024
    Muhammad Ali Ghazi
    Such a unique teaching skills of Pure math A levels
  • Tue, 16-Jan-2024
    Emaan Riaz
    Thanks God till last month i was planning to drop my exam due to pure math but now i change my mind thanks to you sir
  • Tue, 16-Jan-2024
    Afiya Ghori
    You are having a deep understanding of explaining the complex concept of Pure math
  • Tue, 16-Jan-2024
    Wania Ghori
    extraordinary skill and technique of problem solving of pure math
  • Tue, 16-Jan-2024
    Hadia Shoaib
    Now you give me a hope that pure math is not that difficult
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