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What will i learn?
  • Cambridge International AS and A Level Physics builds on the skills acquired at Cambridge IGCSE (or equivalent) level. The syllabus includes the main theoretical concepts which are fundamental to the subject, some current applications of physics, and a strong emphasis on advanced practical skills. Practical skills are assessed in a timetabled practical examination. The emphasis throughout is on the understanding of concepts and the application of physics ideas in novel contexts as well as on the acquisition of knowledge. The course encourages creative thinking and problem-solving skills which are transferable to any future career path. Cambridge International AS and A Level Physics is ideal for learners who want to study physics or a wide variety of related subjects at university or to follow a career in science.

Curriculum for this course
16 Topics
5 Sub Topics
  • Properties of waves
  • Wave types: longitudinal and transverse
  • Wave equations and interference
  • Standing waves and resonance
  • Power and efficiency
11 Sub Topics
  • Newton's laws of motion
  • Forces and their effects
  • Momentum and impulse
  • Types of forces
  • Forces in equilibrium
  • Pressure and Pascal's principle
  • Archimedes' principle and buoyancy
  • Work done by a force
  • Energy forms and conservation
  • Power and efficiency
  • Kinetic and potential energy
3 Sub Topics
  • Motion, displacement, and velocity
  • Acceleration and deceleration
  • Graphs of motion Equations of motion
Astronomy and Cosmology
10 Sub Topics
  • Solar system components: planets, moons, asteroids, comets
  • Planetary motion and Kepler's laws
  • Earth's rotation, revolution, and seasons
  • Lunar phases and eclipses
  • Solar phenomena: solar flares, sunspots, solar wind
  • Stellar evolution and life cycle of stars
  • The Hertzsprung-Russell diagram
  • Galaxies, nebulae, and cosmology concepts
  • The expanding universe and the Big Bang theory
  • Celestial objects and their classifications
Medical Physics
7 Sub Topics
  • X-rays and their medical applications
  • Production and properties of X-rays
  • Uses of X-rays in medical imaging
  • Radiation therapy and its applications in cancer treatment
  • Dangers and precautions of ionizing radiation
  • Ultrasound and its medical applications
  • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and its principles
Nuclear Physics
3 Sub Topics
  • Nuclear reactions and decay
  • Radioactive decay law
  • Nuclear fission and fusion
Quantum Physics
4 Sub Topics
  • Photoelectric effect
  • Quantization of energy
  • Wave-particle duality
  • Energy levels and spectra
14 Sub Topics
  • AC generation and characteristics
  • RMS values and phasors
  • RLC circuits and resonance
  • Transformers and power transmission
  • Magnetic fields and their properties
  • Magnetic forces on moving charges and current-carrying wires
  • Magnetic fields around current-carrying wires
  • Electromagnetic induction and Faraday's law
  • Lenz's law and electromagnetic emf
  • Transformers and electromagnetic induction
  • Alternating current (AC) generators and their principles
  • Maxwell's equations and electromagnetic waves
  • Electromagnetic spectrum and wave characteristics
  • Applications of electromagnetic waves (radio, microwaves, etc.)
Electric field
4 Sub Topics
  • Electric charges and fields
  • Electric potential energy
  • Capacitors and capacitance
  • Dielectrics and charging/discharging
9 Sub Topics
  • Principle of superposition
  • Interference of waves
  • Diffraction and polarization
  • Diffraction and polarization
  • Coherent sources
  • Simple harmonic motion (SHM)
  • Damping and resonance
  • Forced oscillations and resonance
  • Phase relationships
4 Sub Topics
  • Heat, temperature, and thermal equilibrium
  • First and second laws of thermodynamics
  • Thermal processes and efficiency
  • Entropy and the Carnot cycle
Gravitational Fields
4 Sub Topics
  • Gravitational force and field strength
  • Gravitational potential energy
  • Orbits and Kepler's laws
  • Escape velocity
Motion in a circle
6 Sub Topics
  • Angular displacement, velocity, and acceleration
  • Centripetal and centrifugal forces
  • Centripetal acceleration and centripetal force
  • Circular motion and uniform circular motion
  • Banked curves and friction in circular motion
  • Vertical circular motion and conical pendulum
Particle Physics
9 Sub Topics
  • Elementary particles: quarks, leptons, and gauge bosons
  • Particle interactions and fundamental forces
  • Conservation laws (charge, baryon number, lepton number) Hadrons, mesons, and baryons
  • Quark composition and strong nuclear force (QCD)
  • Lepton families and weak nuclear force
  • Electroweak unification and W/Z bosons
  • Higgs boson and the Higgs field
  • Particle accelerators and colliders
  • Particle physics research and the Standard Model
8 Sub Topics
  • Current, voltage, and resistance
  • Ohm's law and resistivity
  • Electrical power and energy
  • Electrical circuits and components
  • Kirchhoff's laws
  • Series and parallel circuits
  • Electromotive force (EMF)
  • Internal resistance of cells
Physical Quantities and Units
4 Sub Topics
  • Fundamental and derived quantities
  • SI units and prefixes
  • Converting units
  • Scalar and vector quantities
Title Lectures Price
Inquiry Based Session-1 lesson 1 15$
Regular Package/ 4 lesson 4 60$
Standard Package/8 Lesson 8 102$
Premium Package/12 12 135$
Fast Track/16 Lesson 16 180$
  • O Levels
  • Matric
  • Grade 10
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The Physics AS & A Level (9702) is a qualification offered by Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) that is typically taken by students in their final two years of high school or college, usually between the ages of 16 to 18. It's designed to provide a solid foundation in physics and prepare students for further studies in the field at university level or for careers in science and related fields.

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I am Hassan Ali and i teach physics.I have 15 years experience of teaching physics to O level , IGCSE and A level classes.The courses i am offering will cover the course content completely along with  adequate past paper practice. My sessions will be very interactive focusing on your conceptual needs. My approach will be to help you achieve maximum of your potential both in terms of grades and learning.Looking forward to see in class.

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    excellent teaching style
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    He is always prepared with lesson plan and material of Physics AS & A level
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