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D1 textbook of the D-syllabus

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Created by Ayesha Nadeem Nadeem Akhtar Last updated Tue, 29-Aug-2023 English
What will i learn?
  • Students will be prepared to study complex topics of D-1/D-2/D-3
  • Easily understand O-levels/Matric Mathematics

Curriculum for this course
14 Topics
Number Systems
7 Sub Topics
  • Types of numbers,Venn Diagram
  • Number line,Number properties
  • Operations on integers
  • Operation on Decimals
  • Divisibility Rules
  • Rounding off and Significant Figures
  • Types of Fractions
Square and Cube of Numbers
3 Sub Topics
  • Finding Squares and Cubes of Numbers
  • Finding Square and Cube Roots of a numbers
  • Real life Applications
4 Sub Topics
  • Prime factorization method to find LCM and HCF
  • Factor Tree Method to find HCF and LCM
  • Laws of indices
  • Scientific Notation
Sequence and Patterns
3 Sub Topics
  • Recognizing pattern and investigate missing terms
  • Formulation of Nth Term in the given sequence
  • Using general formulae finding unknown terms and formulating sequence
Line and Angle properties,Bisectors and Polygons
8 Sub Topics
  • Recognize and contruct acute,obtuse and reflex angles using a protactor
  • Properties of Adjacent, vertically opposite,reflex,complementary and supplementary angles
  • Properties of alternate angles,corresponding angles and interior angles
  • Naming polygons and their angles (Interior and Exterior angles)
  • Finding unknown angles in triangles and quadrilaterals
  • Construction of triangles and quadrilaterals using standard compass
  • Drawing angle and line bisector
  • Formula for perpendicular distance from point to line
Fractions and Percentages
8 Sub Topics
  • Comparing and Ordering Fractions
  • Application of BODMAS to Fractions.
  • Percentage greater than 100
  • Expressing one quantity as percentage of other
  • Increase and decrease quantities by a given percentage
  • Apply knowledge of percentages to find discount,commission,value added tax(VAT) and general sales tax (GST)
  • Convert and use equivalences between simple fractions,decimals,ratios and percentages
  • World problems related to fractions and percentages in context of money,length and weight
Ratio,rate and propotions
3 Sub Topics
  • Using concept of ratio to calculate rate and average rate of quantities
  • Calculate Increase and decrease in a ratio based on change in quantities and vice versa
  • Recognize and use common measure/units of rate
Time and average speed
6 Sub Topics
  • Convert between 12 hour clock and 24 hour clock and vice versa
  • Calculate arrival time, departure time,and journey time in a given situation (on the previous day and the next day)
  • Uniform and non uniform speed
  • Relationship between speed, distance and time.
  • Solving problems involving time and average speed
  • Draw and interpret simple distance-time and draw Speed- time graphs involving one component
Trigonometric Ratios
4 Sub Topics
  • Trigonometric Ratios
  • Application of Trigonometric Ratios to find unknown side of Right-Angled Triangles
  • Application of Trigonometric Ratios to find unknown angles of Right-Angled Triangles
  • Applications of Trigonometric Ratios in real world context
Pythagoras Theorem
3 Sub Topics
  • Solving problems using Pythagoras Theorem
  • Applications of pythagoras Theorem in real- world
  • Converse of pythagoras theorem
Algebraic expression and Factorization
6 Sub Topics
  • Uderstanding the Algebraic terms such as variable, coefficient, constant etc
  • Understanding the concept of commutative, assosiative, and distributive laws of four operations in algebra
  • BODMAS rule in algebra
  • Expansion of Algebraic Expression to find product
  • Multiplication and Division of Algebraic fractions
  • Factorization by taking common
Equations and inequalities
3 Sub Topics
  • Solve linear equatios involving algebraic fractions in Mathematical and practical situation
  • Use substitution method to calculate values of unknown variables
  • Solve single and simultaneous linear inequalities in one variable and use number line to illustrate the answers
Introduction to coordinate geometry
3 Sub Topics
  • Reinforce the concept of linear functions and understand the meaning of negative,positive and zero gradients on straight lines on the graph
  • Gradient and intercept
  • Demonstrate the concept of relationship between gradients of parallel and perpendicular lines to find missing gradient of given lines
Area and Volume
11 Sub Topics
  • Conversion of metric units
  • Conversion of area and volume units
  • Concenteric and eccentric circles
  • Calculate areas and perimeters of a parallelograms and trapezium
  • Calculate the perimeter and area of any compound 2D shapes(involving whole shape and shaded regions)
  • Reinforce surface area and volume of right prism (including triangular,rectangular prism and cylinders)
  • Calculate surface area and volume of any simple and compound 3D objects (including right prism and pipe)and explain the method used(with both consistent and inconsistent unit)
  • Calulate the missing dimension from the given area/perimeter/surface area/volume of all 2Dshapes and Right prism
  • Use concepts of area,perimeter,surface area and volume in problem solving
  • Approximate areas and perimeters, surface areas and volumes of shapes and object with non-integer dimensions
  • Use standard units of length ,mass and capacity for estimation and calculation
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Fast Track/16 Lesson 16 96$
  • Middle School students ,O-LEVEL
  • Matric
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TORUS ACADEMY offers Middle School Mathematics online course.This is the two way communicative study to enhance basic concepts of learners and help them prepare exclusively for O-LEVEL Mathematics. It will comprehensively explain topic such as NUMBER OF OPERATIONS, ALGEBRA ,GEOMETRY ETC.

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Hi,My name is Ayesha Nadeem.I have the teaching experience of almost 3 years in domain of assisting Mathematics to levels and A levels .I will be teaching you in a flexible way,with computer  animations of mathematical concept.If you don't know the basics of subject,or improve your mathematical concepts.I am eagerly waiting to help you to achieve your goals.I'll plan the easiest way for you at your own learning pace. I am very excited and looking forward for your first lesson booking!

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