IBDP Biology (SL/HL)

The course is designed for IB Diploma Students looking to achieve 7 in Biology SL/HL.

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Created by Syed Muhammad Zaigham Zia Last updated Fri, 14-Jul-2023 English
What will i learn?
  • Biology

Curriculum for this course
6 Topics
01 - Cell Biology
2 Sub Topics
  • 1.1 Introduction to cells Preview
  • 1.1 Introduction to cells 00:00:00
02 - Molecular Biology
0 Sub Topics
03 - Genetics
0 Sub Topics
04 - Ecology
0 Sub Topics
05 - Evolution and Biodiversity
0 Sub Topics
Human Physiology
0 Sub Topics
Title Lectures Price
Inquiry Based Session-1 lesson 1 50$
Regular Package/ 4 lesson 4 200$
Standard Package/8 Lesson 8 340$
Premium Package/12 12 480$
Fast Track/16 Lesson 16 640$
  • MYP Sciences
  • IGCSE Biology
  • GCSE Biology
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The course will cover basics of the core IBDP Biology to give better understanding of the subject. 

The Core topics will include:

  1. Cell Biology
  2. Molecular Biology
  3. Genetics 
  4. Ecology
  5. Evolution & Biodiversity 
  6. Human Physiology

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I am an educator with 8 years of experience facilitating IBDP, A-Level, GCE & IGCSE Biology and Chemistry students in engaging with subject content and exploring its real-life applications, ensuring they develop lifelong learning skills and are well-prepared for their assessments. I am a professional who has been guiding students to consistently produce exceptional grades. As head of science, I am responsible for both pedagogical and administrative leadership within the DP/CP programme at my institution. 

I have been instrumental in leading the curriculum through working with, and supporting, faculty members in their planning and teaching of subjects. I am also responsible for professional development and training for existing and new faculty members. I have been teaching the subject for 5 years now and I can assure you that I have got a stronghold on IB Group 4.

The reason my students find it fun to learn Science with me is that I have the technique of segregating difficult topics into small parts and then learning all the tiny parts to complete the concept. Learning Science with the help of different animations and technology enables my students to excel in their exam. 

I have taught several students who needed a grade push. This experience enables me to listen to and understand the student's problem and working on targeted areas where he/she needs more attention. 

I also happen to be an IB examiner with over 5 years and 1200+ hours of online tutoring experience. This has helped me to produce extraordinary sets of results over the past few years.  

I usually work through customized worksheets I have tailor-made for my students to get the hang of the topics. These worksheets help my students practice as many exam-style questions as they want with ease.

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  • Sat, 04-Mar-2023
    Muhammad Kamran
    A fabulous biology teacher will likely inspire a love of science in their students, encouraging them to explore and pursue their interests in the field.
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