IB Physics (HL)

The ATL framework for IB programmes consists of five general skill categories: thinking skills, communication skills, social skills, research skills and self-management skills.

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What will i learn?

Curriculum for this course
5 Topics
A. Space, Time and motion
6 Sub Topics
  • A.1 Kinematics
  • A.2 Forces and momentum
  • A.3 Work, Energy and Power
  • A.4 Rigid body mechanics
  • A.5 Galilean and special relativity
  • A.5 Galilean and special relativity
B. The particulate nature of matter
5 Sub Topics
  • B.1 Thermal energy transfers
  • B.2 Greenhouse effect
  • B.3 Gas laws
  • B.4 Thermodynamics
  • B.5 Current and circuits
C. Wave behaviour
5 Sub Topics
  • C.1 Simple harmonic motion
  • C.2 Wave model
  • C.3 Wave phenomena
  • C.4 Standing waves and resonance
  • C.5 Doppler effect
D. Fields
4 Sub Topics
  • D.1 Gravitational fields
  • D.2 Electric and magnetic fields
  • D.3 Motion in electromagnetic fields
  • D.4 Induction
E. Nuclear and quantum physics
5 Sub Topics
  • E.1 Structure of the atom
  • E.2 Quantum physics
  • E.3 Radioactive decay
  • E.4 Fission
  • E.5 Fusion and stars
Title Lectures Price
Inquiry Based Session-1 lesson 1 40$
Regular Package/ 4 lesson 4 160$
Standard Package/8 Lesson 8 272$
Premium Package/12 12 384$
Fast Track/16 Lesson 16 480$
  • O level
  • 10 Grade
  • For individuals who have a genuine passion for Physics and aspire to achieve excellence in the subject.
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The approaches to learning (ATL) framework seeks to develop in students affective, cognitive and 

metacognitive skills that will support their learning processes during and beyond their IB experience. The 

development of ATL skills is closely connected with the IB learner profile attributes and therefore helps to 

advance the IB mission. The ATL skills are an integral part of IB learning and teaching that should be 

developed across the whole program.

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Biography of Nauman Ali

Nauman Ali is a distinguished physicist and educator hailing from Pakistan. With a passion for unraveling the mysteries of the universe and a commitment to shaping young minds, he has dedicated his career to the study and teaching of physics. Born and raised in Pakistan, Nauman embarked on a journey that would take him to great heights in both academia and education.

Nauman Ali's journey in the field of physics began during his undergraduate studies, where he developed a profound interest in the fundamental laws governing the universe. Fuelled by curiosity, he pursued a Master's degree in Physics, delving deeper into theoretical concepts and engaging in research projects that expanded his understanding of the subject.

Recognized for his exceptional aptitude and enthusiasm, Nauman was offered a prestigious scholarship to pursue a Ph.D. in Physics. He embraced this opportunity, immersing himself in cutting-edge research, pushing the boundaries of knowledge, and contributing to the advancement of the field. His doctoral research focused on quantum mechanics and its applications in quantum computing, an emerging field that holds immense potential for revolutionizing information processing.

Parallel to his research endeavors, Nauman discovered a profound passion for teaching. He realized that sharing his knowledge and igniting the spark of curiosity in young minds was his true calling. With a decade of experience under his belt, Nauman has become an esteemed physics educator. He specializes in teaching Cambridge, Edexcel curriculum and various boards for O and A levels 

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    Umer Aseem
    Teaching principles of physics through analytical skills of IB Physics HL
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