Chemistry-(GCSE 5070) Paper # 4 (ATP)

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What will i learn?
  • Chemistry ATP P 4 contains maximum 60 marks and it uplifts
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Curriculum for this course
11 Topics
Experimental Chemistry
0 Sub Topics
Introduction to Organic Chemistry
0 Sub Topics
Rate of Reactions
0 Sub Topics
Energy from Chemicals
0 Sub Topics
Acids and Bases
0 Sub Topics
Basic Stoichiometry
0 Sub Topics
Gases and their tests with Observations
0 Sub Topics
Identifications of Cations and Anions
0 Sub Topics
0 Sub Topics
Methods of Purifications
0 Sub Topics
Electrochemical Series
0 Sub Topics
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  • Students should have some basic knowledge about Chemistry.
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Chemistry 5070 Pape 4 is not a practical performance in lab but an alternative way to learn the results of some experiments and their mathematical calculations called Stoichiometry with the help of moles.

Identification of laboratory apparatus and some experimental techniques are memorized to students.

Some salts their tests and some common gases and their tests are memorized.

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Hi,my name is Raja Naeem Amin,Teaching is my passion and Chemistry is my favourite subject,so i chose this subject for teaching.Chemistry is generally a rough and dry subject in the eyes of students but i always try to make it easy by showing its practical applications in my teaching methodologies with real concepts.I have been teaching since ten years.My courses which i teach are a follows.. 

1)GCE'O Level Chemistry(5070) with papers 1,2 & 4

2)IGCSE Chemistry(0620) with papers 2,4 and 6 even practicals performing activities.

3)AS & A-LEVEL Chemistry(9701) with all its five papers.

4)Edexcel AS & A-Level Chemistry

5)IB Chemistry

I really feel happines to teach those students who always are in search of conceptual studies..

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  • Sat, 04-Mar-2023
    Muhammad Kamran
    Chemistry can be a challenging subject, so having a teacher who can explain things clearly and provide helpful examples is invaluable.
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