AS-Biology (9700)

A highly elaborative and descriptive course centered on developing in dept knowledge of living organisms and associated systems

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What will i learn?
  • acquire scientific knowledge and understanding of scientific theories and practice

Curriculum for this course
11 Topics
cell structure
1 Sub Topics
  • microscopy, eukaryotic and prokaryotic cellls, ultra structure of animal and plant cells, viruses
biological molecules
1 Sub Topics
  • carbohydrates, proteins, fats and lipids, nucleic acids and water
1 Sub Topics
  • enzymes ad biological catalyst, mechanism of enzymatic reactions, hypothesis of enzymes reactions, factors affecting enzymes activity, inhibitors, Km constant
cell membranes and transport
1 Sub Topics
  • fluid mosaic model of cell membranes, components of cell membranes with emohysis on phospholipids, proteins, cholestrol, glycoproteins, glycolipids, celll signaling pathways, mode of transport of materials
mitotic cell cycle
1 Sub Topics
  • phases of cell cycle, interphase, s-phase, m-phase, cytokinesis
nucleic acids and proteins synthesis
1 Sub Topics
  • fundamentals of DNA, Watsons and Cricks model of DNA, DNA replication, protein synthesis(transcription and translation)
transport in plants
1 Sub Topics
  • need of transport in plants, arrangement of vascular bundles, transcription and translocation, adaptations of xerophytes
transport in mammals
1 Sub Topics
  • bulk transport in mammals, cardiovascular system, heart, blood vessels, blood plasma, lymphatic system, conduction system of heart
gas exchange
1 Sub Topics
  • components of gaseous exchange, function of the parts of respiratory tract, microscopic identifications of respiratory components, gaseous exchange
infectious diseases
1 Sub Topics
  • types of diseases, bacterial, viral and protocists diseases, antibiotic resistance, prevention and control of diseases
1 Sub Topics
  • Immune response , types of WBC's and their morphology, process of phagocytosis, primary and secondary immune response, vaccinations, vaccination failure , hybridomas and use of Mabs
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  • All the student who have studied basic level science in their middle years and want to get an in-depth knowledge of Biology.
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Cambridge International AS & A Level Biology develops a set of transferable skills including handling data, practical problem-solving, and applying the scientific method. Learners develop relevant attitudes, such as concern for accuracy and precision, objectivity, integrity, enquiry, initiative and inventiveness. They acquire the essential scientific skills required for progression to further studies or employment.

Our approach in Cambridge International AS & A Level Biology encourages learners to be:

confident-secure in their knowledge, keen to explore further and able to communicate effectively through the language of science responsible-developing efficient and safe scientific practices and working collaboratively with others.

reflective-able to evaluate evidence to draw informed and appropriate conclusions and recognizing that the applications of science have the potential to affect the individual, the community and the environment.

innovative- applying problem-solving skills to novel situations and engaging with new tools and techniques, including information technology, to develop successful approaches.

engaged-developing an enquiring mind, keen to apply scientific skills in everyday life.

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